Coding Lessons/Tutor

Coding Tutor (Grades 6-12)?

Do you need a programming tutor or do you want to learn how to code? 

Programming is becoming a fundamental part of the technological revolution. Currently there is a large number of companies looking to hire programmers and coders to develop their systems. Don’t you want your child to stay up to date with the latest revelations in technology and to have an easier time finding a job (not to mention with an average salary of $100,000). If so, feel free to contact me and I would love to help tutor your son or daughter, so that one day they can be a professional programmer or website developer too. 

I can teach a broad range of topics, but the one I highly recommend is Computer Vision. Unlike other online tutorials, I teach fundamentals of programming that can directly apply to our daily lives. Not building applications restricted in If you want to learn more about me and what I do, you can check out the online projects that I have posted on my github repository! 

Pricing: One on One Tutor Lessons for Programming Start at $25/hour. Yes I know its quite inexpensive compared to other lessons which aren’t personal and run basic tutorials. 





If you’re interested in keeping your child ahead of the curve, feel free to contact me by calling/texting me at (240) 751-3279 or emailing me at

Or you could always submit the form, I would be available to schedule a zoom meeting and talk to you before lessons start!


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